CASE HISTORIES MoMA Acrylic Calendar


MoMA- Acrylic Calendar (M-CL177)

Objective: A major city symphony was searching for an incentive and donor gift to reward season patrons.  They required an item that was unique, had a high-perceived value and would also relate to the majority of the recipients.   

Strategy: The MoMA name has an obvious connection to the arts and the distributor presented the MoMA Acrylic Perpetual Calendar.  The symphony logo and the MoMA logo made it clear to the patrons they were being rewarded for their support of the arts.  The distributor also proposed putting the year under the symphony logo to make it more donation specific, and to help remind the patrons to donate annually to support the symphony.  Also, the calendar’s two colors allowed the symphony to give the patrons a specific color based on donation levels.  The distinctive circles around the dates also allowed the symphony to enclose the season schedule with a note to the patrons thanking them for their support and reminding them to “Remember to Circle These Dates.”

Result: The response from the patrons was so positive the symphony reordered and began putting them in the dressing rooms of guest composers and soloists as a welcome gift.